Animgram PRO

Animgram PRO is our full-blown animation factory that allows you to create animated shows of any length live or to timeline. Animgram PRO is father to our Animation models, scenes, characters, lipsync and interactive games. The very first version premiered in a live animation broadcast on Danish tv DR1 on January 14th, 1999, then a monster setup with three computers working in sync and run by 4 programmers.

The basic concept is still a digital puppeteering system where producer selects the active feed among 144 possible “live” feeds, the actors/puppeteers voice live the character and controls the animation with a gamepad.

Then all frames were handdrawn in a cell animation tool, exported as frames, manually assembled in a hierarchical structure  and loaded into the system. Now we have a flash template with an exporter function directly into the PRO System. Click here for some info on the general animation engine.

PRO supports different styles of animation:  2D, 3D and even Claymation.


PRO consist of a run show session, a set of timelines (All elements have dedicated timelines) and a view creator (combine background, effects, overlays, props and characters). PRO can run in in three modes, Live and Timeline or both.

PRO comes in two versions, one free and one with a commercial license. The free version can soon be downloaded here and the license version can be obtained by getting in touch with us.


Selected PRO shows

When BBC Kids was looking for an on-air game, they came to us and ended up with a whole lot more—a fully animated daily kids talk show featuring call-in games and on-air cartoon characters that kids could talk with, all on a limited budget. Animgram produced an original half-hour of the animated Nelly Nut Show five days a week for two years.


We used our Animgram PRO to produce the animated interstitial series, Sven and Bat, for Scandinavian Nickelodeon. The production contained 900 components used as interstitials and network packaging elements. We also built a compan­ion Sven and Bat website, featuring a wide range of Flash games.

We built a complete transmedia universe for KatjaKaj and BenteBent, including an interactive exploration and game site including our Animtoon software (a pre cursor to Animgram CONSOLE), 26 x 5 minute linear episodes, and a live animated show using our Animgram PRO RealTime Animation System. The episodes, show and website have run in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Israel, and Argentina.

Production Pipeline

Character Build Out

Prior to building a puppet, the animation libraries for each character is planned out. This mapping is done in conjunction with writing a pilot script to ensure that the character is capable of perform­ing what is scripted and that the script takes full advantage of PRO.



The map at the right visualizes how a character can enter the frame, move between different pos­es, from carry out two animation moves (in this case a hop and a big laugh) and exit the screen. Lip sync and expressions follow along with all of the moves.

Characters can have multiple layers of animation added, including separate head and arm moves, sub-poses, and an unlimited number of special moves, such as a laugh, a somersault, jumping up and down, or doing the can-can.

Characters Built

The characters are built and animated in Animate (Flash) and converted into Animgram puppets by our Animate Exporter Program.

Script Writing

Scripts are written to be produced in PRO. Any new pup­pet animation needed in PRO (to match the script) is completed at this time, for example a new character or a particular site gag.

Voice Record/Animatic

An edited VO track is recorded and used to create timed storyboard cut.

Scenes laid off


All PRO scenes are laid off and edited into the storyboard cut.



Live Animation using PRO

Unique content such as live on-air and in-person appearances by animated characters are made possible by PRO whether it is an appearance on a talk show, Facebook Live event, or a Snap Chat Channel posting.