Zartosht Soltani

New York

Zartosht Soltani is an internationally recognized illustrator, designer and painter whose groundbreaking work fundamentally reshaped ideas about branding and packaging in post-revolutionary Iran. Zartosht's satirical cartoons continue to cause a stir, and spread like wildfire online. His cartoons won him 2nd place in the Iranian International Cartoon Biennial, and a large base of fans around the world.

After moving to the US, Zartosht became an award winning broadcast designer for his numerous show graphics packages, broadcast promo packages, kids show designs, and countless commercial campaigns. Zartosht is an accomplished oil painter and brings his powerful sense of color, composition, and storytelling — as well as a biting sense of humor — to every character he creates.

Friends know him as "Z," though he insists he never wears a black mask and is useless with a sabre.