• Esben Modvig


    Esben graduated in Character Animation from the Animation Workshop school in Viborg, Denmark in January 2010. Currently Esben works freelance after finishing a couple of... Read More

  • Eunice Wang

    New York

    Eunice is an Illustrator / Animator who is currently residing within New York City after graduating from Pratt Institute.

    As someone who has worked within the Pre-Production... Read More

  • Nancy Burson

    New York

    Acclaimed artist/photographer Nancy Burson's work is shown in museums and galleries internationally. "Seeing and Believing," her traveling 2002 retrospective originating at the... Read More

  • Zartosht Soltani

    New York

    Zartosht Soltani is an internationally recognized illustrator, designer and painter whose groundbreaking work fundamentally reshaped ideas about branding and packaging in... Read More