We are looking for character designers!

We own hundreds if not thousands of animated characters and small animated clips from all of our universes developed over the last 15-20 years. But we are still interested in new material especially from non-established and upcoming talent. You can give it away from free for download to all of our users or you can try to sell it in our app shops.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for very talented character designers that can catch an expression, an emotion, a feel and a designer that masters the art of satirical character drawing. It is difficult to say exactly what we are after, it can be political, romantic, scary, cute, it can be nearly anything we will know it when we see it.
We do not pay you to develop the material but we will split the proceeds with you and we will share as handsome as well known and famous brand demands from us. We do not want to treat you lesser than the famous brands because soon you will be famous and we will want to keep working with you. We will also promote you on our artists page(s) on our web page and in the shops where we will tell a bit more about you and link to your work. You will retain your rights to the characters/universes BUT we will get an unlimited license to use the material in all of our Animgram apps and any proceeds from the sale of the characters from the App or from Merchandising we will split with you. A certain amount of material needs to be free to download exactly as we do with all of the stuff we own ourselves.

Emojis, Animojis and AnimGrams.

Emojis are stills with transparent background 300 x 300 pixels 32 bit png. It shall show a mood, an expression, a feeling, a gesture . . . .  It does not all the time need to be a F*** finger, it can be romance, love, sadness, sorrow, happiness, anger  . . . Surpise us and show us something new, something extraordinary. Emojis are used in the Animgram Messenger App.

Animojis are small full animated 1-2-3 seconds long animated and fully sound designed clips. Animojis are also used in the Animgram Messenger App. It is a question mark, an exclamation point, an animated shout! 300 x 300 pixels in mp4 format.

AnimGrams are fully lip-sync’ed characters/faces with small animated movements/expression/gestures. Animgrams are both used in the Animgram App as well as in the Animgram Messenger app. The basic format is amultiple layered format (head turns, eye moves, right arm gesture, angry expression etc.). We will provide you with a simple Flash template and a short tutorial and soon you will master the art of creating Animgram Characters.

It goes without saying that you need to own all rights to whatever you are creating and you will have to do that as part of the agreement we will make.

You will retain all rights to whatever you develop but we will get an unlimited license to use it in all Animgram universes, some part of it for free and other parts for sale. We will split the proceeds for all of the income derived from our use whether that is from sale in our stores or it is from derived income like merchandizing sale. Should your material not be a success together with us we will provide a mechanism where all the licensed rights will revert back to you, the creator.

Interested, please fill out the coupon and lets talk.

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