Animgram Products & Services


Animgram is a content & technology company developing and marketing live animated content and applications for broadcast, social media & digital for both professionals and consumers.

All of our products are part of our Animation Eco-system, such that all developed assets can be deployed across all products and platforms. Characters developed for a Broadcast show can be posted directly on Social Media or used in Digital applications.

Live Animation offers unique possibilities for any content developer: Animated shows with daily content and commentary; viewers sending in their animated reports to the show; radio shows as animated shows on TV, Digital & Social Media the same day; animated topical responses on Social Media; your characters commenting on Facebook Live on events as they unfold.

We have developed our own shows, which we’ve licensed to TV stations including the BBC, ZDF, WDR, NDR, MTV, Nickelodeon, and Tele 5, among others, and have produced thousands and thousands of hours of local animated content.

Our tools make creating animation extremely cost-effective, only 5-10% of traditional animation production costs. We offer very favorable license terms and will work with you at whatever level you need, from creating a complete show from conception to air, to providing you with the technology and enabling you to create your own productions from scratch.

All of our products will be available for free with a baked-in Animgram watermark, from our professional animation pipelines to our simple social media posting app.


Animgram PRO

Animgram PRO is our Professional Live animation application. It is a digital puppeteering system with up to 144 views/scenes, 16 live controlled and live lip-synched characters in an endless number of locations. PRO can run in two modes. Live outputs full rendered animation as it’s produced, to screen, Broadcast Video, Facebook Live, or disk. Timeline creates a project in which all animation and cameras can be edited before the final export/render. PRO is designed to produce episodes of up to 22 minutes, with an ideal length of episodes of 7-8 minutes. PRO is windows based.


Animgram CONSOLE 

Animgram CONSOLE is our Animated Social Media Factory. It is an online application where you can add multiple sound bites to your Animgram character, add props and post directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, send as e-mail or messenger messages or download to your computer. From the shop you can buy and download new characters. The CONSOLE is currently in Beta mode and only available for the Chrome browser.


Animgram M

Animgram M is our mobile app where users at the spur of the moment can make funny live animated and  lip-synched posts and messages. The animation can be placed on top of a new picture, or an existing from the phone’s camera roll. The app is available for iOS and Android. The App can be linked to your Animgram CONSOLE so that everything you record and create on your Animgram M device automatically is placed in your Animgram cloud, where it can be accessed and used in the Animgram CONSOLE. The mobile app also has a store where you can download free assets or buy premium content.