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Animgram – Storytelling and Technology

We develop lots and lots of content and lots of apps and tools to create even more content. We use them all for our clients and for our own content. Content we want to develop and content we have no chance of producing unless we invent magic tools to make it possible to do in our own studio in Europe.

The magic tools we invent makes it possible for everyone to produce animation instantly to publish, message and share on social media and for professionals to live produce animation to broadcast and to stream.

We also use the tools to create, broadcast and distribute our own stuff, just like Nelly Nut, Barracuda and CrazyBarn to mention just a few of our babies.

We license our tools and technology to clients and we also develop from scratch, whether it is apps, complete systems (Backend and Frontend) or a webshop.

Aming our clients are large media companies, educational institutions, research facilities and commercial companies. Below you can see a few of them.

If you too are interested in having us solve your digital needs please check our Work for Hire page

Media Clients

Educational/Research Clients