Content & Tech going hand in hand.

We have developed lots of tools to bring content to the world, content we wanted to develop and content we had no chance of producing unless we invented magic tools to make it possible to do in our own studio in Europe.

The magic tools we invented made it possible to produce animation instantly to broadcast and to publish on social media and messaging system platforms. We used the tools to create, broadcast and distribute our own stuff. Universes like Nelly Nut and Crazy Barn among others.

We licensed our stuff or developed new shows, Apps or other tech/content to companies like BBC, ZDF, Teletoon, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Tv Ontario, WDR & NBC to mention a few of our clients.

Rigth now we are focused on our own universes and making our Animgram Social Media Apps available for all IP owners and finalizing our new exciting Interactive Story App. We also have several work for hire clients for whom we constantly develop games, apps, shows and other tech and content for kids of all ages.