Nelly Nut

Nelly is a 9 year old girl living in the outskirts of a major city. She has no siblings so she rules over her parents single handedly, this explain her selfish and strange ways. Her ego  and wacky behaviour does that she doesn’t have any “normal” friends. Nelly is the leader of the kids no one else wants to play with. She is the queen of the Outsiders.

This gang of completely diverse characters seem to have a magnetic effect on fantastic and weird situations. It is not because these kids are mean or bored, quite the contrary,it is because of their highly developed imagination and curiosity, these things just naturally happen.  These more or less crazy kid’s solutions to problems, games or rescue missions usually get them into more trouble for our great amusement.

Miss bunny is Nelly’s best friend.   It is made of cotton, cloth and a few pieces of plastic. But this doesn’t keep Miss Bunny from talking, and advice Nelly in times of trouble, or pondering in general about life’s many intriguing questions. Miss Bunny’s voice is the one of a wise grandpa.  But sometimes it is hard to be wise when all you got between your ears is cotton.  Miss Bunny’s advice are often so stupid that even a five year old would shake her head and do something more reasonable instead.  Nelly trusts her Miss Bunny, at least when it fits her.  Together they are like Batman and Robin, just with the little minus that Miss Bunny can’t move unless Nelly brings her.

Together with her friend Ray she has discovered that if they crawl into Ming’s doghouse together, they can travel in time.  That is the setting for our new Nelly project where she goes back in time and visits great historical characters at a crucial moment in their carrer becoming historical.

When she visits Newton he sits under an apple tree complaining about the apples constantly falling, hitting him and interrupting him. She convinces him to stop whining and figure out why the apples are falling. When she visits Shakespeare he has a severe attack of writers block. Nelly convinces him to be or not to be a writer.

It is Nelly’s own take on history with humor and love of the great historical and future characters. In each episode Nelly and Ray visit a new character. It is 52 episodes of 4 min. We are looking for both financial as well as co-production partners. Total budget €925K In her live animated show, produced by our Animgram PRO system,  she was on CBBC, ZDF, Teletoon, HRT, TP1, DR and Danish TV2. In toal more than 1500 Nelly epsiodes was produced and aired.